#48: School

#48 on blogTO’s Best 50 Brunches: School

The Location: School (King and Dufferin area)

My visit to School coincided with me bringing the poncho back.

My visit to School coincided with me bringing the poncho back.

The Time: Saturday afternoon, early November

The Company: My regular brunch entourage: Chris, Natalie, and Wendy!

Veggie Menu: Vegetarian chili omelette with pico de gallo, two pancake options and one waffle dish

Every time I go to Liberty Village, I feel like I’m missing the action; this so-called “up and coming” neighbourhood always feels empty. On this visit, I discovered where the action is: School! Then after eating there, I wondered if people only flock here due to the lack of other brunch options.

Even at 2 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, there was a lineup, and we could only get seats at the bar. Getting to know the bartender is becoming part of my brunching routine.

On their website, School promotes that their brunch lasts from 8 ’til 4. Great news! ….until they started running out of food, and kept removing things from the menu as the carnivores at my table ordered them.

C'mon, School, that strawberry needs more friends.

C’mon, School, that strawberry needs more friends.

I am not a fan of having only pancakes or waffles as my meal, so I ordered the omelette. “It’s a dish reminiscent of huevos rancheros with the added bonus of chili on your plate!” …at least, these are the optimistic thoughts I had before it arrived: the chili was not flavourful, and the side salad was terribly bland. Thank goodness for the pico de gallo and two lonely tortilla chips.

It turns out I was right to order the omelette instead of the other options: hungry Wendy got three tiny pancakes with a small side of whipped cream and a solitary strawberry. No vegetables, no side salad, for $13.

I learned to tell the time while at School.

I learned to tell time at School.

I’m not focussing much on the decor of my brunch places, but going to a place called School, I wrongly anticipated that we would be eating at desks and looking at the menus on blackboards. The wall of clocks and the test papers hanging from the lights were the only references to their creative name. Similarly, I expected the dishes to take a cue from the name of the place, and feature school-day dishes, like a gourmet PB and J sandwich. I guess I’m spoiled from Camp Restaurant, where the chefs always take their theme to heart, and feature S’mores, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, and other camp mainstays.

We exited School and returned to the abyss of Liberty Village, hungry and disappointed. As a vegetarian, the omelette dish is not memorable enough to warrant a return to this restaurant.

An unmemorable omelette. #firstworldproblems

An unmemorable omelette. #firstworldproblems

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