#17: Okay Okay

Okay Beatrice!

Okay Beatrice!

#17 on blogTO’s Best Brunches: Okay Okay

The Location: Okay Okay (on Queen Street, venture east past Bonjour Brioche and Lady Marmalade)

The Time: Late March, Friday morning

The Company: Music and brunch lovers Chris and Kristin

Orange Mouth.

Orange Mouth is not Okay Okay by me.

Veggie Menu: Eggs Beatrice (their vegetarian version of the traditional Eggs Benedict, with sautéed spinach, grilled tomato, Béarnaise sauce, served on hash browns), Huevos Rancheros wrapped in a tortilla, Buttermilk Pancakes, Challah French Toast, Fried Egg Sandwich, Oatmeal

Kristin contemplates her Friday at Okay Okay

Kristin contemplates her Friday at Okay Okay

Queen Street East hits the mark yet again with Okay Okay, another retro diner joint. Lacking the reputation and hype that accompanies Bonjour Brioche and Lady Marmalade, Okay Okay has a chill vibe, and it is no problem to get a table on a Friday morning. Head here once you tire of the lineups at the other places.

As always, the Huevos called out to me, but I feared a disappointment akin to the one I felt at The Ace. Instead, I went with the Beatrice. I think putting hash browns in any brunch staple will automatically make it better. I don’t remember anything else about the meal, but I’d go back for it again. It was like eating Eggs Benedict at McDonald’s (one of those classy McDonald’s with the fireplaces and wifi)!

Huevos Ranch-Lame-Os

Huevos Ranch-Lame-Os

Chris did had the Huevos, and said it was only Okay Okay (I’m sure they’ve never heard that one before). Guess I made the right choice with the Beatrice.

Thanks for another great brunching Friday, Queen Street East.

Is Battlestar Galactica on?

Is Battlestar Galactica on?


Shari’s Veggie Meter (out of five): 🍅🍅🍅 


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