#2: Easy Restaurant


Weekday Tacos - The Best Kind of Tacos!

Weekday Tacos – The Best Kind of Tacos!

#2 on blogTO’s Best Brunches: Easy Restaurant

The Location: Easy Restaurant (Go antiquing along Queen towards Roncy, then choose Easy Restaurant instead of EggSmart)

The Time: Wednesday morning, late April

The Company: My companion Chris, and fellow theatre artist and fellow Newfie to Chris, Candice!

Elton and Candice anticipate the Weekday Tacos

Elton and Candice anticipate the Weekday Tacos

Veggie Menu: Going to Easy means getting a lesson in the structure of Mexican dishes. There are three meals here with similar ingredients: Their infamous Huevos Divorciados, Breakfast Burrito, Weekday Breakfast Tacos, and Vegetarian Tostada. Alternating components include salsas, corn vs wheat tortilla, guac, and toasted baguette with ancho jam. All include refried black beans, and all come with a choice of home fries, salad, or half and half. The differences happen in how the eggs are cooked, and if the food is served open faced or not on the tortilla. Easy also serves Toast Soldiers with soft boiled eggs and fruit, Eggs Florentine, Brioche French Toast, Belgian Mini Waffles, Granola, and four Veggie Omelette options. Wow!

A Breakfast Burrito

A Breakfast Burrito

Easy serves brunch every day of the week, which I can’t say about most places on blogTO’s list. As an artist who spends Saturday and Sunday mornings teaching, I appreciate Easy’s understanding that brunch is not just a weekend meal.

The Divorciados came highly hyped by Anjali, a current Parkdale resident. Wanting to try the ancho jam and being a huge fan of salsa and guac, I chose this over the other similar Mexican-inspired dishes.

That blob is the Ancho Jam

That blob is the Ancho Jam

After a few bites, I started to believe that this was another Rancheros that tastes better on paper than in your mouth. However, once I topped the eggs with the guac, I enjoyed the meal much more. The ancho jam was also great, and is something I’d like to try making (or ask my husband to make… who am I trying to kid?). The salad and home fries? I literally (not figuratively, Ted) forget what they tasted like. I concur that they must not have been memorable.

While my two companions were underwhelmed, I will still recommend Easy for three reasons. 1: A plethora of veggie options. 2: Guacamole. 3: This place does not look like a 50’s diner.

He's smiling because he's excited to make ancho jam

He’s smiling because he’s excited to make ancho jam


Shari’s Veggie Meter (out of five): 🍅🍅🍅


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One thought on “#2: Easy Restaurant

  1. I can’t believe you were at all underwhelmed! I want to go to Easy right now just reading this post. Yum. Maybe I over-hyped!

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