veggie.brunch.NYC – Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde

The Location: Locanda Verde (in Tribeca, and accessible by taking a subway, realizing it’s bypassing the stop you need, then taking a cab the rest of the way, and showing up 20 minutes late for your reservation. Oh MTA.)

The Time: Late June, Saturday morning

The Company: My mom, who chose this place to feature on my blog.

Veggie Menu: Homemade granola, organic oatmeal, zucchini frittata with roasted tomato and goat’s cheese, crispy whole grain waffle, lemon ricotta pancakes, hazelnut-crusted french toast, uovo al forno (according to my google translate, this means baked eggs), eggplant sandwich, and a fresh fruit salad

For future veggie visitors of Locanda Verde, here are the words on the menu which mean meat: coppa, speck, cotechino, tripe. Escarole, however, is a vegetable!

Locanda Verde forgave us for being 20 minutes late, and gave us amazing service! I opted for the frittata, while my mom had the whole grain waffles. She was a huge fan of them. See?

Whole grain waffles!

Whole grain waffles!

The frittata had a bit of goat’s cheese on it, and bites that didn’t include the goat’s cheese were bland. Bites that did include goat’s cheese were amazing for sure. Next time, Locanda Verde, put enough goat’s cheese for all of my bites!

The food was good, but not good enough to make up for the lack of veggie options. Also, coming from an Italian background, I think I’d rather return to Locanda Verde for dinner next time, and try more of their traditional dishes.

More goat's cheese next time, please!

More goat’s cheese next time, please!


Shari’s Veggie Meter (out of five): 🍅🍅🍅


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